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Shelf Stable or Frozen Smoothie Mix?

Shelf Stable or Frozen Smoothie Mix?

A Shelf stable smoothie mix is an ideal solution for anyone looking for a convenient and cost effective way to get the benefits of a smoothie. It’s also the perfect way for restaurants and bars to take advantage of the growing demand for smoothies in their industry by introducing a new ingredient with truly impressive versatility. Smoothies offer a variety of great benefits to health minded individuals, but understanding what’s in the mix is of paramount importance. Understanding the ingredients will also allow those in the food service industry to create some unique snacks giving them a healthy and flavorful addition to their culinary arsenal.



Smoothie Benefits


The increase in smoothie interest of the last few years is occurring some very good reasons. Smoothies are an excellent way to up your fruit intake in a convenient and portable fashion. They’re one of the most delicious ways to get extra nutrients, and they’ve been shown to improve digestion. Smartfruit smoothie mixes contain three full servings of fruit per shake, and are jam packed with vitamins A, C, and K, as well as potassium and fiber. Smoothies are simple to make with a top quality smoothie concentrate, and the best in the business offers a shelf stable smoothie mix that makes keeping a few bottles on hand easier than keeping a fridge stocked with fruit from the market.



What’s in the Bottle?


Most people drink smoothies for their health benefits, so choosing the right smoothie mix is important. Luckily, brands like Smartfruit offer products that are vegan friendly, all-natural, free from added sugars and dangerous preservatives, and above all, still manage to taste exceptionally great. The finest options are even fat-free, gluten-free, and provide three full servings of fruit per smoothie. A bottle of Smartfruit Blooming Berry, for example, contains two-hundred and eighty blueberries, twenty strawberries, eighty raspberries, five and a half pineapples, and three and three quarter apples. It’s concentrated juice, and nothing beats that.





One of the most interesting aspects of using a smoothie mix , is that it can be a valuable new told for unlocking untold treasure troves of flavor. Sure it can be used to make delicious all-natural smoothies, but it can also be used to make great juice by simply adding water. The concentrate can also be used to liven up desserts! Dribble some over cheesecake or ice cream for an outstanding treat. Using it as a dip for fruit platters is another great option. Parfaits will never be the same once one made with a few drops of mix has been devoured. Experiment. Use your imagination. It will undoubtedly yield excellent results.



Shelf stable smoothie mix and the food service industry


The benefits of using a shelf stable smoothie mix really come into full force in the food industry. There’s no need to cut, peel, slice, store and sustain considerable labor expenses while preparing fruit based offerings. Not to mention that refrigeration space is never dispensable. Shelf stable smoothie mixes solve that problems and also spare the costs of refrigerated shipments, which are required when shipping frozen fruits or concentrates. Shelf stable smoothie mixes can consolidate a flavoring inventory with multiple applications across several menu items including smoothies, juices, frappes, tea & soda, garnishes and more.    

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